Average Salary Range for a Neonatologist

A neonatologist is a specialist who takes care of newborn infants with serious illnesses, congenital birth defects, very low birth weights, growth retardation and other severe problems.
All the babies that are born prematurely or very sick are referred to a neonatologist. This expert also coordinates care for newborns born in a critical condition who require surgery immediately. 
His aim is perform the most efficient actions to heal the baby. After he restors baby's health, the neonatologist will continue to monitor his progress over a course of months or years after he's discharged from the hospital and sent home.
In order to become a neonatologist, you have to study intensively. The education begins with eight years of school. This is divided between the undergraduate pre-medical degree and the doctoral one. After the study, physicians have to complete a residency in pediatrics. 
The residency will last three years and it will be supervised by licensed doctors. To proceed with the neonatologist qualification, doctor have to finish a special fellowship working in intensive care units for newborns. After three years, the physician also has to pass a board certification examination.
The salary of a neonatologist varies from one state to another in the USA. It could also be influenced by experience, qualifications and the type of hospital where they work. 
A beginner will start with an average yearly salary of about $67,760. This salary can go up to $101,640 in the following years.
The highest earning new neonatologists make between $96,800 a year to around $145,000 yearly. The top professionals can get to earn over $268,390 each year. 
Most neonatologists have an average yearly salary between $187,848 and $268,390.
The biggest salaries for an experienced and qualified neonatologist are paid in Indiana ($405,670), Georgia ($398,375) and North Carolina ($395,350). Other US states that offer important salaries are Arizona, Massachusetts, Florida, Illinois and New York.
A neonatologist's job is highly important for the life of a newborn who is helpless and in desperate need for immediate help. Neonatologists deal with the most frail and delicate human beings and have to ensure the best treatment and care for them to get through the illness and survive despite the fact that they entered the world being already sick or injured. The job brings a good salary but it needs years of intensive training to become a professional. It can be very rewarding but it brings along an incredible responsibility and pressure.
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